The Hauntingly Beautiful 'Skeleton Flower' Becomes Translucent When It Rains

 Some of the most exotic plants in existence offer us something special to see that makes them worth tracking down. While many of those plants end up being something that could potentially kill you or do nothing more than cause a big stink once it blooms, this one gives you something beautiful to gawk at.

The Diphylleia grayi is an herb that is native to the colder regions of Japan and China
 It earned its nickname, 'The Skeleton Flower,' because the petals become translucent once exposed to water
 The flower is native to the colder, wooded regions of Japan and China, and can also be found within the Appellation Mountains in the United States
 It isn't known why this happens, but once the rain stops and the pedals dry, they return to their original shade of white
Here's a video of the transformation happening in real time
[Source: Youtube]

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