The Giant Panda Is No Longer Listed As An Endangered Species

The giant panda is no longer listed as an endangered species!

The amazing news was broken just hours ago by WWF who've praised the amazing conservation efforts of the hundreds and thousands of animal lovers who've fought so hard to save the iconic species from extinction.

They are now classified as 'vulnerable' on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species following their incredible growth in population over the last few years.
It is thought giant pandas were endangered in the first place because they have the ability to actually choose their partners so if they don't fancy a shag, they simply don't do it.

It would appear the that were born over the last few years have turned out to be extremely desirable!

There are now apparently 1864 adults in the wild thanks to China's concerted conservation efforts as they list the giant panda as their national animal. It is thought, including cubs, the population is now more than 2000.

Incredible news!

However with good news always comes with some bad - the eastern gorilla has now been placed on the endangered species list as hunters have caused their population to reduce to below 5000.

Let's hope conservationists can do a job on the eastern gorilla as they have the giant panda.

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