The 2016 Rio Paralympics Feature Medals That 'Rattle' When Shaken

 The reason is an incredibly thoughtful one. While medals at the Paralympics always had braille on them, this year all 2,642 medals come with a new feature; they rattle when shaken. 

Each medal was designed with a metal ring inside, and a varying number of magnetic spheres within the ring itself. The gold, silver, and bronze medals each have a unique sound by design.

In the gold medal, the loudest of the three, there are 28 of those magnetically charged spheres inside. The silver medal comes with 20 spheres sealed within it for a rattle that isn't as loud as the gold medal's, and the bronze is the quietest of the three thanks to its 16 magnetically charged spheres inside.
Each medal also features a pebble design going across the front symbolizing seeds that represent the courage, persistence, and development of the athletes. The 2016 Paralympics will end on Sunday, September 18th. Now when you see podium medals smile after giving their medals a little shake, you'll know why, and it'll make the scene that much more awesome.

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