Teenage Lad Dresses Up As His Mum To Get Served Booze

 I remember back at school when Friday came around and you would literally spend the whole day planning how you could get hold of booze to do spinnies with in the park that night. Probably a bit daft in hindsight and something we shouldn't have been doing but that's life.

Anyway, you'd either have to raid your dad's drink cupboard, but take something minging like Taboo that would go unnoticed, or just try your look by standing outside Bargain Booze, hoping someone would take pity on you.

One of my mates had a big brother who would go in for us, so we were usually sound, but sometimes he wasn't very happy about asking for five 3L bottles of Frosty Jacks so we'd have to resort to asking 20p John. Which wasn't always the best of ideas to be honest.

If only we'd have thought of this, eh? Some teenage lad in Scotland came up with a genius way to cut out the middle the man.
 He dressed up as his mam and used her work ID to snap up a bottle of voddy.

Twitter user yung azz posted pictures on social media and he's been praised for his efforts.
I'm not gonna lie, it doesn't look to convincing to me but, still, it's a cracking idea. Not that I'm encouraging underage drinking. That is very bad, guys.

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