Teacher's buying school supplies, doesn't know stranger behind her has already bought them for her

 When Sabrina Drude made a routine stop to a local store to purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year, she was surprised to walk out of the store without paying a single penny.
Making a trip to a local Walmart to buy 97 dollars worth of spiral notebooks for her Scobee Middle School class, Drude was surprised to find a stranger had offered to pay her bill when she got to the register.

 As reported by KENS 5, that stranger was one Lester Brown.
Brown was located in line right behind Drude, and when he realized she was a teacher preparing for her class, he stepped up to the register and offered to pay.
“I paid it and then she started to cry. And then she was going to make me cry, so I looked away,” Brown humbly told reporters.
 Paying 97 dollars for the massive amounts of spiral notebooks, Brown wanted to help out the teacher in any way he could.
“I remember I had this hundred-dollar bill with the intention of responding to something in need, and God said to respond,” Brown told KENS 5 reporters
 A father of five and a local Texas pastor, Brown has always strived to bring more good into the world in anyway he can.
In fact, Brown also works with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and he felt that invested his money into the teachers and schools that keep children out of trouble was the best way to spend that 97 dollars.
“I challenge you, whatever it is you can afford, to volunteer at a school, help a family,” Brown urged the public.
Influenced by the amazing act of kindness by this once stranger, Drude said she is inspired to pay it forward.
“He inspired me and so many others to be kinder and do whatever you can for your fellow human,” Drude told reporters.
Drude and the Scobee Middle School class plan to meet Brown sometime soon so they can thank him for his generous contribution in person.
It will be exciting to see what good deeds result from Lester Brown’s kindness and support!

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