Teacher Reveals The Notes And Sexts That Led To Affair With Pupil

 A 24-year-old female high school teacher from Iowa, who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her students, has bared all in a new interview. 

Mary Beth Haglin turned herself into the police back in July, but now she insists that she was ‘swept off her feet’ by the anonymous 17-year-old male student.

Speaking to Inside Edition, the substitute teacher said:
He would come into my classroom, grab a Post-It, write something and stick it to my desk on his way out. One read, ‘I love you so much, my empress’. He would always call me ‘my empress’.
 And Mary Beth fell for his way with words, having sex with the minor ‘almost every day’ at a nearby car park and sending numerous revealing selfies.

However, the teacher claims that the relationship was more than just sexual – she believes it was love.

She added:
I was completely head over heels. We met several times a week, not every time was just to have sex. There were times we would sit and talk. I thought in my mind this was some sort of real relationship.
 But their lustful, and massively illegal, romance came to an abrupt end when the pair were spotted by another student and Haglin was fired and charged with sexual exploitation.

She then quickly handed herself into police and is set to be tried on November 14.

Speaking about her trial, she said:
I want to go back and smack myself and ask: ‘What were you thinking Mary Beth?’
If convicted, Mary Beth will face up to two-years in prison and will become a registered sex offender.

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