Tattoo Fixers Just Made Their Very Own Awkward Tattoo F*ck Up

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When you visit the Tattoo Fixers crew, you don't really expect to have get a cover-up after you've been, but that might be the case for Kat who appeared on the holiday version of the show.

She explained that she was on a "YOGDO" (You Only Get Divorced Once) holiday, so decided to take the plunge and get inked. Artist Alice Perrin came up with a design featuring flowers, a pocket watch and a teacup, but there's a slight issue.

On the clock face, she made a bit of an error.
Kudos if you noticed it; there are two elevens and no nine.

It's fair to say this is a bit of a nightmare.

Source: The LAD Bible
Featured image credit: Channel 4

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