Super Troopers Two Has Been Officially Confirmed And Filming Has Already Started

I've got some amazing news to brighten your Thursday, filming has officially started on the Super Troopers Sequel.

The project, which is called 'Let's make Super Trooper 2 right meow' has seen fans donating cash hand over fist to ensure that the sequel happens, breaking an indiegogo crowd funding record along the way.

The film, which is actually 15 years old, was an instant classic and fans have been dying to find out what sort of shenanigans Thorny, Farva and the rest of the lads have been up to. The wait is almost over.

Broken Lizard, the guys behind the film, broke a crowdfunding record when they managed to raise a staggering $4.4million - over three times what it cost to make the original, Uproxx reports. With a budget like that we can only dream about what sort of crazy shit they're going to be able to include.

The script isn't finished yet, and Broken Lizard are still taking donations, promising to include a 'kickass chase scene' if they reach $5million.

The film doesn't have a release date but the indiegogo donation page seems to be the place to go for news and updates.

I can't wait.

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