Stray cat approaches struggling street musician, changes his life forever

James Bowen used to be a struggling musician who tried to make a living performing on the streets of England. Each day, he would set up shop on the same street corner and play for the public. Unfortunately, he did not make a lot of money, and Bowen was losing confidence and faith in his abilities.
But one encounter with a stray cat changed his life forever.
One day, Bowen found a stray cat loitering around in his apartment building. Drawn to the lonely animal, Bowen affectionately named the cat Bob, and he nursed the kitten back to full health. Bowen kept the cat, and he even brought it to work with him on the streets. From that fateful day and onwards, Bowen and Bob were inseparable and best friends for life.
As Bowen performed on the street, more and more people turned their heads and watched. They were in love with Bob, and they started to give Bowen more and more money. Some even wanted to take photographs with Bob.
Because of this newfound experience, Bowen decided to write a book titled, “A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life.” It’s become a worldwide hit and has catapulted Bowen’s new career as a writer.
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