Shelter sends rescue dogs out for sleepovers to help them get adopted

 One animal shelter in Atlanta has made our biggest dream come true—doggy sleepovers.
While visiting shelters and scrolling online through photos are convenient ways to find a dog to adopt, sometimes they aren’t the best methods to personally connect with them and see if they will do well in a home. The adoption process can involve a lot of guesswork, which may place dogs in homes where they are uncomfortable. There are also dogs who are very personable and friendly, but tend to be overlooked.
To address this issue, the LifeLine Animal Project dresses their pooches in cute pajamas and offers prospective adopters to take them home for a night. The shelter provides families with everything they would need for their furry guest, including food, bowls, and leashes.
 These sleepovers are great ways for the dogs to get a much needed break from the shelter. At houses, a dog can reveal their true personality and help the shelter match them with a family.
“At the shelter they can often act too excited, because they desire human attention so much, but aren’t used to getting it for extended periods of time. When they go to someone’s house, they can settle down and just be themselves,” says LifeLine spokesperson Karen Hirsch.
 Bryn, pictured below, is one pup whose sleepover found him a forever home. His host family, the Sayers, fell in love with him after only thirty minutes of welcoming him into their home. Although the family had initially liked Bryn’s picture, it was his visit that convinced them to make him one of their own.

 Better yet, these overnight visits aren’t limited to prospective adopters. Anyone who wishes to host a pup for a sleepover can, and the dogs can still have a chance at some slumber party fun in a different environment.

 LifeLine hopes that through this project, they can encourage families to adopt the shelter’s veteran dogs as well. Projects like these make the adoption process more enjoyable for the pups and for adopting families, and ensure that a dog and its owner are a perfect match for each other. Besides, who doesn’t love a pajama party?

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