She takes plastic food wrap and uses it ways I never thought of. Here are 10 unexpected uses

 Food wrap isn’t just for covering leftover dishes; they come in handy in many unexpected ways.

1. Grip it
 Doing chores such as raking or shoveling may give you blistered fingers. Save yourself from pain by wrapping some plastic wrap on the stick as a “handle” for easier grip.

2. Frozen
 Leftover ice cream often crystallizes in the freezer. Cover the ice cream surface with plastic wrap before putting on the lid to prevent this from happening.

3. Fresh paint
 To keep paints from drying out in their cans, lay a plastic wrap on the surface of the paint. Also, you can wrap wet paintbrushes with wrap and resume paint job at a later time if you don’t feel like washing the brush.

4. Yellow bananas
 Put plastic wrap around the crown of a banana bunch if you want to keep your bananas fresh for longer.

5. Leak proof
 Shampoos and conditioners can leak in your travel bags or shower caddies. Avert a nasty clean-up job by placing a bit of wrap atop the container before capping it.

6. Dirt proof
 Walking through a freshly-cleaned carpet with your shoes on? Never leave dirty footprints on floors again. Bundle the soles of your shoes with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band.

7. Drafty windows
 Got drafty windows? Stuff open spaces with plastic wrap for a temporary fix.

8. Tidy tableware
 You can easily transport utensils when traveling by organizing them in plastic wrap. Your utensils will never jumble around again.

9. Cool walls
 Create a unique wall design with plastic wrap using a technique called frottage. Dab a wrinkled sheet of wrap onto a wet, freshly glazed wall.

10. Squeaky clean
 Food and drinks often spill in fridges. Cover shelves of the fridge with plastic wrap and when a spill occurs, simply replace the dirty wrap.

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