Senior citizen cheerleading team is slaying in Japan right now

 When you picture cheerleaders, visions of high school, ponytails and movies like Bring It On probably come to mind.

However, in Japan, a dazzling cheerleading troupe called Japan Pom Pom is entirely made up of fabulous women who are all senior citizens.
 Fumie Takino, 84, founded Japan Pom Pom about 20 years ago. She told the AFP that cheerleading has helped her stay in shape and keep her mind sharp. "It blew my mind," Takino said, about when she first discovered the sport.
 Takino told the AFP that while the minimum age requirement for her team is 55, the average age is 70.

Shinko Kusajima, who is in her late sixties, hopes to join the squad. "When you get old, you keep losing friends," Shinko Kusajima told the AFP. "But you always have mates here to share a good time."
 At this year's national cheerleading and dance championship of the United Spirit Association (USA) Japan, which were in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan Pom Pom performed an uplifting routine to Dreamgirls' titular song.

God, I hope I'm this cool in 50 years.

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