Professional tap dancer teams up with a 7-year-old - little boy is the star of the show

Have you ever tried tap dancing before? I’ve tried it, and let me tell you — it’s no easy task. It requires a significant amount of dedication and dexterity to become a tap dancer.
There are, however, always exceptions. Luke Spring is one of those exceptions. A seven year old tap dancing prodigy, it’s incredible the amount of tap dancing skill Luke possesses at such a young age.
In the following video, you’ll watch Luke Spring perform at the Washington D.C. Tap Festival back in 2011. Although the video may be old, it’s one of my favorite performances because Luke is joined up on stage by none other than professional tap dancer Justin M. Lewis.
Prepare to be amazed as you watch a tap dancing prodigy and a professional tap dancer in perfect harmony. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite like this — have you?
[Source: Youtube]

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