Policewoman holds starving newborn baby, breastfeeds the baby to save her life

Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea is making headlines around the world with her recent act of kindness.

A woman named Edinora was collecting oranges in a Colombian forest when she suddenly heard a scream that sounded like a cry of a baby. Shocked by what she heard, Edinora went towards the sound. That’s when she discovered the unthinkable – a newborn baby had been abandoned.
Officer Urrea was immediately alerted of the situation, and she arrived on the scene eager to help the newborn. The infant girl had been left to die by her mother. Not only was her umbilical cord still attached, the baby was starving from hunger.
Immediately, her maternal instincts took over, and Officer Urrea took action.
Having just become a mother herself, Officer Urrea breastfed the newborn. This ended up saving her life.

A video of Officer Urrea breastfeeding the little girl has been posted on Facebook, and it has since gone viral with thousands chiming in. Many people are hailing the officer for her heroic efforts.

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