Playboy Model Who Mocked Pensioner's Body At Gym Likely To Face Charges

 Back in July, a Playboy model landed herself in a massive shitstorm by body shaming a naked woman in the gym showers and then posting it on Snapchat.

Dani Mathers, who was crowned Playmate of the Year 2015, posted a picture of the naked woman along with the caption: ‘If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.’ The snapchat was sent to thousands of people.

And after being placed under investigation for posting the photo, it’s likely that Mathers will be prosecuted as police have tracked down the woman, who is in her 70s.
According to reports, police will recommend that prosecutors charge her for dissemination of private images, which carries a sentence of up to six months in jail.

According to TMZ, the woman who was photographed wants Mathers to ‘feel the full force of the law’.

And while Mathers apologised on Twitter, she’s subsequently received a lot of backlash from the Internet, as well as being banned from every LA Fitness club in the world, and had her Playmate duties revoked.

 Jill Greuling, LA Fitness’ executive vice president of operations, told the LA Times:

Her behavior is appalling and puts every member at risk of losing their privacy.

Our written rules are very clear: Cellphone usage and photography are prohibited in the locker rooms.

The LA City Attorney is now considering whether to proceed with the case.

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