Orphaned koala finds comfort in fluffy toy that looks exactly like him

It's the stuff Pixar and Disney dream of. An orphaned baby koala called Shayne has found a friend in a fluffy toy doppelgänger during his rehabilitation. 

A car accident left his mother dead and the nine-month-old orphan was reportedly being stalked by crows when he was rescued and brought to the wildlife hospital at Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia.
Animal hospital director Rosie Booth said that Shayne was in good health considering the severity of his accident. "Shayne has no injuries as a result of the accident, instead, he's dealing with the loss of his mum and the vital life lessons he needs to learn in order to become an independent, wild koala." 

Here's hoping Shayne's stuffed toy twin provides some much-need comfort and cuddles as he recovers from the trauma, and grows up well enough to be released again. 

The staff at the animal hospital treat up to 80 koalas a month and said that while Shayne was recovering well, they are seeing an alarming increase in fatalities and injuries in wildlife as a result of human activity.
As the weather warms across Australia, more animals and their young are move about the bush and venture closer to highways and suburban roads. The Wildlife Warriors are urging drivers to be extra vigilant. 

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