Opponent screams at disabled basketball player - passes him the ball and lets him score

Mitchell Marcus is the team manager for the Coronado High School basketball team. Although he has a developmental disability, Mitchell perseveres and overcomes this obstacle in order to help out the team. His true passion has always been to play basketball, and Coach Peter Morales decided to give this team manager a memory he will never forget.
In the last game of the season, Coach Morales instructed Mitchell to put on a jersey. He wanted Mitchell to enter the game. With a minute and half left on the clock, Mitchell made his basketball debut in front a home crowd that was cheering and chanting his name.
Knowing how important this moment was for Mitchell, his teammates tried to pass him the ball so he could score. However, each time he missed.
As the clock kept ticking, and time was running out, a player on the other team had the ball. That’s when Number 22 decided to do the unthinkable. He shocked the crowd when he yelled at Mitchell and threw him the ball rather than his teammates.
This allowed Mitchell to score the last basket of the game.
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