Olympian hears 3-year-old has eye cancer, sells his silver medal to raise money for boy's treatment

 When we think of olympians, we think of the very best. These individuals spend a lifetime of hard work and dedication in order to compete in an event every four years.
Receiving the olympic medal is a symbol that represents the dedication that you’ve put into the discipline and that you are the very best in this chosen field. The medal is everything important to an olympian but Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski found something more important to him than the silver medal he won in Rio.
 Malachowski came home from Rio and instantly auctioned off his medal in order to raise money for Olek Szymanski, a three-year-old boy suffering from a rare form of eye cancer called retinoblastoma.
Wow. I can’t even imagine someone selling something so important to him, but Malachowski thinks differently. He says the medal isn’t going to do any work if it just sits in his trophy case so he would rather have it save someones life.
Through the internet, he tried selling his medal to hopefully raise roughly $84,000 to cover 2/3rd of the $126,000 cost of the surgery (1/3rd of the cost was already raised by the Polish foundation Siepomaga) but the medal was prematurely taken down.
The auction was closed when the medal reached $19,000 because two Polish billionaires, Dominika and Sabastion Kulcyk had agreed to purchase the medal for the remaining cost of the surgery. A round of applause for these two billionaires who are doing their part to help the child.
A touching story about a man who values a little boys life more than a medal he has spend his whole life working on. Bless your heart Piotr Malachowski.
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