Olly Murs Keeps Posting Dick Pics In A Desperate Attempt To Stay Relevant

After the recent groin revelations from Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, this may be the least famous dick we’ve (almost) seen in 2016.

Mr. Murs shunned the traditional BYOB rule for this particular penis party.

Instead, he covered his modesty with a dangerously spiky pineapple, prompting much of Twitter to respond with bad ‘cocktail’ jokes. 

 This isn’t the first time Mr. Murs has come over all dick shy on social media.

Either he’s worried about traumatising his tween music audience or threatened by the strong dick pic competition from the (little known) likes of Love Island‘s Alex Bowen.
 Sadly, the world will never know if Murs measures up.

A photo posted by @ollymurs on
Perhaps if Murs brought the diversity he applies to his naked pic props to his monotonous pop music, he might make a good hit one day… 

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