Nokia Release A Phone With A Battery Life Of 24 Days

 Nokia are bringing it back old school and cementing themselves firmly as the makers of the most reliable phones EVER by bringing out this new beast.
Yes, lads. There's a new Nokia out and prepare to want one.
Announced yesterday (September 20), it's called the Nokia 216 and it has Facebook, it has the internet, it has a front facing camera and a rear one... urm... it has Bluetooth? And a sweet 2.4-inch display...

Okay, it's not the best phone out there - I'll be honest. But if all you need is a phone that literally does the job and with a battery that lasts for 24 days on standby - this is the phone for you.

They seem to be aiming it at the low-end segment. Which is kind of refreshing to be honest.
[Source: Youtube]
To be fair, if you're going travelling, or if you're lost in a desert - this is perfect. Festivals? Sorted. No more queuing up to get your phone charged at an extortionate rate.

They've made the deal even sweeter as you can get apps and games from the Opera mobile store and download a free Gameloft game every month for a year.

The Nokia 216 Dual SIM also comes with an FM radio, MP3 and video player. The LED flash of the rear camera doubles as a built-in torchlight.

According to Metro, it's currently on sale in India for around £30, running Nokia's Series 30 system, with the Opera Mni browser.

Featured image credit: Microsoft

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