Mother’s Teen Daughter Sends Hysterical Texts As She Tries To Buy Tampons For The 1st Time

Belina Hankins sent her 13-year old daughter Isabella into the store to buy tampons on her own. She thought she was giving her bit of freedom handling this all by herself.

 Instead, her daughter was completely lost and had no idea what to do. She could not find the tampons and started panicking right away...
 Mom tried to be helpful, but also decided to throw in a bit of humor answering her daughter's messages.
 “THIS was the highlight of my parenting week. Sending my 13-year-old daughter into the store for (whispers) ‘feminine hygiene products,’ and having the following text exchange. I died, she gave me life, I died again. And she drew an illustration, on the spot, ON HER PHONE, to drive her point home.” said Hankins.

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