Mom's about to give birth, photographer captures firstborn hugging Mom before saying goodbye

 For Portland birthing photographer Laura Paulescu, she assumed things would be business as usual as she made her way to the hospital for an upcoming shoot.
With one child already born, the mother had to say goodbye to her before she was told to leave the room so her mom could deliver the second baby.

 With a warm and tight embrace, the mother grabbed her firstborn child and held her in her arms for a while before allowing her to leave the room.
Laura saw the perfect opportunity to capture a beautiful moment, and the picture she took ended up captivating the lives of many.
The warm photograph shows the moments leading up to not only the mother having a second child, but also the moment in which the firstborn no longer remains an only child.
For Melissa Willet, a Baby Center blog writer, she explained the moment best when she described her own similar situation, saying, “How I clutched onto my firstborn for dear life. This would be the last moment she’d be my only baby. Forever. And while I couldn’t wait to welcome my new baby, my heart was breaking. I felt completely shattered inside. I didn’t want to let go. Ever.”
Just as Melissa once experienced, the mother in the picture is bracing herself for the changes that are about to come, and we wish her all the best on the upcoming years!

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