Millennial Behaviors Are Changing The Dating Scene In A Big Way

 Dating has changed so much over the years, and millennials have changed the dating scene in so many ways.
Some ways millennials are changing the dating scene include:

The way that millennials go about dating has completely changed. It is not as straightforward as it was for other generations.

Technology plays a major part in how millennials date, and just how they approach dating is very different. Check out the other ways that millennial behaviors are changing the dating scene.

1. This is a term that not everyone is familiar with, but millennials know it well, and it is ‘ghosting.’ It is not a new notion that people get ignored, but if someone you are dating suddenly stops texting and essentially disappears, they have ‘ghosted’ you.

 2. Social media is very prevalent in today’s society, and young people live for apps like Instagram and Twitter. Millennials share a lot online, and with a quick search it is so easy to find pictures of your date on Facebook, or pictures of their ex. You can do a lot of research before you go out with someone.
 3. Racy photos have been around for a long time, but millennials are baring it all, and taking selfies is a daily occurrence for many people. It seems taking provocative photos is much more mainstream than it used to be.
 4. Meeting someone organically, like at a bar or in line at the grocery store seems to be a thing of the past. With everyone having a busy life, and technology being as big as it is. It only made sense for online dating to become a very common way to date. With one swipe on Tinder you can find the man of your dreams.
 5. Texting is the main form of communication for millennials. Talking face to face or having hour long phone conversations is pretty rare. But texting all day, everyday to your partner or crush is how it’s done today.
 6. Similarly, the world of texting has expanded with all the emojis available on your phone. Now sending a few emoji’s back and forth constitutes a conversation. There are also some specific emoji’s that seem innocent, but actually have a sexual meaning in texts.
 7. Millennials are all about the hookup culture. There are apps and websites that are specifically tailored to meeting someone just for a fun time, with no expectation of a second date.
 8. Since millennials share so much of their personal life on social media, it makes it that much easier for your partner to stalk you. From checking in somewhere on Facebook, or posting a picture of yourself with someone at a party, it is easy for everyone to know where you are.

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