Meet The Guy Who Temporarily Became World's Richest Man This Week

 As the majority of you check your bank balances this morning and garner up some heart palpitations based on the expensive mistakes you made last night – one guy in Spain became the richest man in the world. 

According to the Mirror, the man behind Zara, Amancio Ortega, made a tasty £1.4 billion earlier this week – taking his overall wealth up to a mind-numbing 67.2 billion, and pile-driving Bill Gates down to second place on the rich list. Sorry Bill.

After doing a small bit of maths, I worked out that Amancio has so much dollar he could give everybody in the world around about a tenner…
 Unfortunately for Bill, he only has a laughable £66 billion – Amancio should probably lend him a tenner so that he can sort out his bills.

However – don’t worry too much for Mr. Gates as Amancio’s time in the number one spot was short lived and King Bill came back strong within two days.

Amazingly, the Zara owner is the son of a humble railway worker and left home at 14 to find work as a shirt makers assistant. He later founded Zara in 1975.
Last year shares in his other business, Inditex – the largest fashion group in the world -, skyrocketed by 40 per cent boosting Amancio’s overall profit by the bucket.

Watch out Bill Gates is all I can say…

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