Man Tries To Shake Hands With Paralympian Who Is Missing An Arm

A medal official made the world feel awkward as fuck after he tried to shake the hand of an armless Paralympian.
The video of American archer Matt Stutzmann and the unnamed official was actually filmed at the Parapan American Games in Toronto in 2015. But as Stutzmann prepared to compete in the Paralympics in Rio, it went viral once more.

The official is probably really wishing everyone would just stop talking about it...

The video shows the man approaching Stutzmann, draping the silver medal around his neck, and then instinctively going in for a handshake.

Stutzmann was born without any arms and is an incredible archer.

The video was uploaded to Imgur with the title: "If you laugh you're a terrible person".

User jtremolo commented: "I've actually shot with this guy, he's great! He actually shakes hands with you using his nub sometimes.

"Great humour, and a great archer!"

Others have pointed out that Stutzmann is known for his sense of humour, and probably would have laughed it off.

At the end of the day, it's only his opinion that matters anyway.

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