Lucy wasn't allowed to say "pregnant" on TV, so she came up with a creative solution

I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic American television sitcoms of our generation. First airing in October 1951, the show was the first scripted television program to be shot on 35 mm film in front of a studio audience. In total, it won five Emmy Awards and received numerous nominations. To this very day, 40 million Americans each year still watch the show!
Perhaps one of the best episodes of the series aired in 1952. In that episode, Lucille Ball (Lucy) tries to find a unique and creative way to announce her pregnancy to Ricky. At the time, Lucy was five months pregnant, but the network’s rules prohibited her from saying she was “pregnant” on air. Writers had to use alternatives such as “expecting” in order to imply that Lucy was pregnant to the audience.
In the video below, Lucy sits in attendance at one of Ricky’s shows. Ricky reads a note out loud that says a couple in the audience would like him to perform “We’re Having A Baby” in honor of the baby they are expecting. Without hesitation, Ricky sings his song enthusiastically, all the while trying to figure out who the anonymous couple is so he can sing the song to them directly.
That’s when he realizes that he is the one who’s going to be a father! Watch the entire clip in the video below.

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