Lady Keeps Farting From Vagina After Surgeon Wrongly Connected Her Colon To It

 A cancer survivor plans to sue the hospital that connected her colon to her vagina by mistake in a botched operation.

Jasminka Velkovska was undergoing cancer treatment at the September 8 Hospital in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, three years ago, when the mistake took place.

The surgery means that when she breaks wind, it now passes out of her vagina.

The hospital had initially agreed to pay Velkovska £25,700 in compensation following the badly botched surgery, but later refused to pay the entire amount. Of the £25,700, £8,600 has still not been paid.

Hospital Manager Sasho Stojcev said that the hospital cannot pay the damage without a court order because the compensation was only partly covered by their insurance company.
Velkovska responded by appearing on national television and explaining her embarrassing condition.

She told local TV: "While I was recovering, doctors came and asked me if I was passing gas, and I said yes, but it's coming out of my vagina.

"They told me that it would soon pass and I would be OK, but stuff had started to come out of my vagina and I was feeling scared and it was all very unpleasant."

Following her operation at the September 8th Hospital she was subsequently X-rayed, which revealed that not only were her colon and her vagina tied together, but surgeons had also failed to remove the cancerous growth.

Velkovska needed to have surgery again to remove it, though she understandably opted to receive treatment at another hospital.

Velkovska has made it clear that if the hospital does not stump up soon she will sue.

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