Katie Hopkins Tear Gassed In Calais Migrant Camp

 With no-one in Europe willing to try and solve the escalating refugee crisis, now more than ever we need to hold governments to account and bring these people’s tragic stories to light.

So with that in mind, who better than migrant hater extraordinaire Katie Hopkins to go and do just that, by visiting them in the Calais Jungle. Haven’t they already suffered enough?

You’ve got to respect her (sort of) as we did suggest she fuck off to Syria to experience the war there after her hateful comments about Alan Kurdi, but the Jungle is close enough (well, the closest she’s willing to go anyway).
In an article for the Mail Online, the failed Apprentice contestant somehow turned investigative journalist, claimed she went to the Jungle ‘looking for good’ (yeah right), but instead faced tear gas and robbery.

In the short clip, the LBC presenter can be seen running towards a fence where she says police were attempting to block refugees from entering the UK by jumping on the tracks.

She says:  
There is no option to tough out tear gas. I just tried and I failed miserably. I think sometimes that I’m tougher than I am. It really knocks you back.
 [Source: Youtube]
According to LBC, not long after this happened, her photographer was split from the group and robbed of his phone and wallet at knife point.

We have no reason to doubt her allegations, considering that she definitely doesn’t have an unparalleled hatred of anyone who isn’t white and middle class.

Coincidentally, this whole debacle was a year on from when she described refugees as ‘cockroaches’ and suggested the use of gunships to stop them reaching Europe’s shores.
Maybe it’s about time we stop taking notice of people like this who preach hate and not peace, who want to build walls instead of bridges, and finally take this dire situation seriously before it’s too late.

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