Kaley Cuoco Bends Snapchat Nudity Rules To Flash Boob With 'Grandpa'

Snapchat is all about having fun and sharing treasured moments with your friends, family and loved ones.

However, as with everything, there are some darker corners where people like to post 18+ content involving, namely, nudity.

Hence why Snapchat came up with their Community Guidelines where they outline what not to snap and put on your stories or risk having your account terminated.

On it, when it comes to pornography and nudity, Snapchat says:

 So there you have it. How many of you are shitting it and praying you haven't been reported? Exactly.

Now, one person who knows a thing or two about controversy on social media is The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco.

Just a few months ago she was in a spot of bother for posting a picture on Instagram of her dogs sat on the American flag which caused outrage among her followers - apparently it was disrespectful.

Hilariously, she wasn't even there when the pictures were taken as her caption claims...
 To be fair to her, it's not actually on her own Snapchat that she's bent the nudity rules.

And I'd presume she probably said she was cool with the picture so long as she wasn't actually exposed and there was a grandpa filter to make sure everyone knows it's just a joke and not an actor/actress flaunting their wears for publicity like we know plenty of others do.

Thankfully Kaley Cuoco has more sense than to go full Kardashian and while messing around with her celebrity stylist friend Brad Goreski, decided to take a Snap with her left boob hanging out.
As you can see by the Community Guidelines, she and Goreski weren't breaking any rules because they covered up the nudity with an emoji and the nudity displayed most certainly isn't sexually explicit.

And that's how to be famous - get your boobs out on Snapchat and get away with it.

Unless you all add Brad Goreski and report him. Which would be wholly unfair.

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