iPhone Repair Costs Have 'Mysteriously' Just Increased Massively

 Apple has reportedly raised its prices for repairing older model smartphones by up to 50 per cent – just as the iPhone 7 comes out.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s surely just a massive, glaring coincidence. Apple would never do anything like that to their millions of valued customers would they?

But, according to The Sun, the cost of fixing a cracked iPhone 6 screen appeared to miraculously jump overnight from £79 to £119 and the 6 Plus from £99 to £139.
 Similar repairs for iPhone 5 and other 6 models reportedly also rose by around £20 as Apple launched its £599 ­water-resistant iPhone 7 on Wednesday.

Customers have accused bosses of callously raising prices in an attempt to drive up sales of the new model.

One Apple user, Sam Cole, was charged £99 to repair a cracked iPhone 6 Plus screen at the Covent Garden Apple store back in March, but just six months later the same repair had gone up £40 in price to £139.
Sam said: 
The girl who dealt with me said the rise was that morning.
Another woman also complained, saying the price she ended up paying on Thursday had changed from a quote she received the day before.

In response to the complaints, Apple said it occasionally changes its prices due to ‘currency fluctuations’. The Pound has fallen in value against the Dollar in the last few days, but not that drastically.

Come on Apple, still sore about being called out on your billions of pounds worth of unpaid tax?

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