Instead Of Taking Lost Dogs To The Pound This Cop Takes Selfies To Help Get Them Home

 Patrolman Evan Lavigne is known as the "Dog Whisperer," to his colleagues, because whenever he finds a dog that looks lost he takes selfies with them in his patrol car and posts them to Facebook. So far, he's been able to reunite two escapees with their owners and saved them a trip to the pound. 

“The first dog that I ended up getting in the back of my car was stuck inside a bank,” Lavigne told Inside Edition. The manager was afraid of the dog because it was a pit bull, but Lavigne quickly discovered he was a gentle giant. 
 Lavigne figured that since the dog was so easy to coax into his cruiser that it must be a pet. He took a selfie with the dog, originally intending to send it to his friends. But since he liked the dog so much, he instead posted it to the Taunton Police Department's Facebook page to see if he could save the dog a trip to the pound. 

Within an hour, the post had received hundreds of shares and the dog was reunited with his owner. 

Less than a week later, it happened again. The Taunton Police Department received a call about a boxer inside a convenience store. No one wanted to approach the dog despite it looking friendly enough. So they sent in the cavalry. 
 Once again, the dog was able to find his way home after someone notified the owner of the Facebook post. 

Lavigne has understandably picked up quite a few fans following his successful endeavour. 
More officers like this, please! 

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