If You Shared This Post On Facebook, Delete Your Account

Is there anything more irritating than watching people share fake shit on Facebook which they believe is true but it quite clearly isn't?

More often than not it'll be your mum's mate Sharon, who you pretend is your auntie, spamming your newsfeed with stuff like 'LIKE COMMENT AND SHARE IF YOU DON'T WANT ALL YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES TO BE MADE PUBLIC'. Nah, get fucked Shazza.

Recently, a fake ass post started doing the rounds claiming it had the potential to get Donald Trump banned from the social media platform.

Basically someone has pretended they've asked Mark Zuckerberg what it would take to have the presidential hopeful banned and he's 'replied' 500k likes, 50k comments and 20k shares.

As if Zuckerberg has got time for this shit, honestly.
Apparently, the guy who made it, Gavin Mccaster, also posted a screenshot of a 'conversation' he'd allegedly had with Trump on his Facebook too.

Seriously, Gav, why you lyin'??? Get a new hobbie, you wasteman.
Sadly, the Zuckerberg post ended up getting over 1,000,000 likes, over 200,000 comments, and over 179,000 shares and I've lost all faith in humanity.

Guys. Pls. Stop this at once.

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