How To Simply Get Your Old iPhone Functioning Like An iPhone 7

 Let’s face it, despite all the iPhone 7 hype it’s probably going to be rubbish. 

So instead of jumping on the bandwagon, here’s how you can boost your old phone and make it just as good as the iPhone 7 – retaining headphone jack and all – in less than 10 minutes.

If like me, you’re happy to be stuck in the stone age with your trusty iPhone 5, follow these tips from top tech types at Forbes to give the ol’ faithful a well-deserved boost.
Although the battery life of a shiny new gadget might be appealing enough to drop a cool £719 on replacing your old phone, stop right there.

You can very easily replace you iPhone 5 or 6 battery – which, FYI, is probably about 10-20% down on its original battery capacity if you’ve had it for a couple of years.

This is something you can do at home – following the advice of gadget man turned super hero, The Unlockr – with a £3 battery tool kit.
[Source: Youtube]
Simple. So, don’t get the new iPhone and join this never-ending phone rat race.

Nobody likes change this often and this expensive, anyway!

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