Holly Willoughby Looks Just Like Margot Robbie When Dressed Up As Harley Quinn

As Halloween has evolved over the years, the costumes, along with the concept, have become more and more widespread. Take a look at this little sushi warrior...

Gone now are the days when cutting a hole in your parents' best linen sheets was good enough for the event. Now, it's all prosthetic limbs, guts and blood or alternatively wearing as little as possible.

With all international holidays that came from America, the trends soon follow. This year, it's the turn of the character Harley Quinn from the comedy/action movie Suicide Squad that's bound to take over our streets and probably still end up in the gutter at the end of the evening. Here's to expecting.

A few days ago, we presented Margot Robbie's lookalike Laura and it was all a bit creepy. Things are only just getting started. Keep your heads down because drunk girls with baseball bats is only ever going to be a recipe for disaster...

Even Holly Willoughby is getting into the spirit. Albeit more than a month early, she gives her followers a sneak preview on what she'll be wearing on the Celebrity Juice Halloween Special - can't wait to hear what Keith Lemon has to say about it...

Here are some others who were trying to get into the spirit of the rebel character.

Fuck all that wasted time in the mirror, I've got a better idea. This Halloween, every time you see a girl dressed as Harley Quinn, you have to drink.

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