Hillary's Illness May Prove Blind Mystic's Chilling Presidential Prophecy

 The issue of Hillary Clinton’s health has moved front and centre after she collapsed yesterday at a September 11 memorial service, and rumours of the presidential nominee dropping out of the race are starting to spread.

Despite assurances from Clinton’s doctor that she was ‘recovering nicely’, the scare raised concerns about her health and prompted questions about why she had failed to disclose the information, having been diagnosed on Friday.

So what would happen if she had to drop out of the race due to ill health?

Well, the Internet seems to think that would mean Obama would declare martial law – using the threat of ISIS as justification – preventing Donald Trump from becoming president and keeping himself in the White House.
 And that, according to conspiracy theorists, means a prophecy by blind mystic Baba Vanga that Obama would be the last American president would be fulfilled.

The prophetess – credited by believers as having an 85 per cent success rate after predicting 9/11 and the rise of ISIS – also predicted the election of Barack Obama, saying the 44th president of the United States would be an African American, and made the chilling claim he would be the ‘last U.S. president’.

But how would that actually happen?

Well, according to reports, the Democratic Party may hold an emergency meeting to discuss replacing Clinton over the health scare. That’s the first step.
But conspiracy theorists are arguing that, with the election just 56 days away, the Democrats could struggle to find a candidate. It’s also been reported that Congress could change the election date under Article 2 of the Constitution. If members of Congress don’t make a decision by January 3, their terms in office would expire – possibly leaving Obama – as the Daily Star puts it – as ‘absolute ruler’.

And a whole bunch of people have predicted this, apparently.

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson predicted the election would be cancelled earlier this year due to the outbreak of anarchy.

And Christian ‘prophet’, Glenda Jackson, said if Christians don’t start praying, the presidential election will be ‘suspended because evil is going to arise.’ She added: “Some things are going to be put in place so the president is not going to be removed – he’s going to stay in.”

Confused? Me too.

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If you’re wondering how it’s all going to happen, alien expert Scott C Waring has the answer:
If Obama is the last president, maybe the US decides it is too much power for one person, that it should be held by Congress as a whole.
That would be better than a single president, who may break laws or red tape to do what they want.
Congress should run America, not single president.
What does Scott Waring have to do with any of this? The answer is nothing.

Keep in mind that everyone’s theory depends on Clinton being replaced as the nominee if only she herself decides to step down – and there is no suggestion of that at this stage.

It all sounds a bit loopy to me.

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