Here's Why This Guy Is One Of Tinder's Most Right Swiped Men

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Meet Andy Mizrahi a 28-year-old divorcé who also happens to be the most swiped right bloke in New Jersey on Tinder.

In an interview with Tech Insider (because Tinder is an app I guess and it’s definitely not an attempt to boost traffic) Andy laid bare the secrets to his success.

Basically Andy’s advice for getting to the top of the tinder charts seems to revolve around being handsome, charismatic and funny which, while admittedly solid advice, is about as obvious as a particularly obvious horse trying to infiltrate the hen house because he fancies a hen.

 Being honest, aside some colossal issues surrounding unwarrented self-importance, Andy seems like a pretty normal guy and not the raging bag of dick tips you’d expect to have mastered Tinder.

Andy even has some pretty solid advice about picking the photos to stick on your profile saying you want the self portrait shot, full body shot, the funny pose shot, the laughing candid shot, and finally the dog owner shot.
Time magazine also ranked him the 14th sexiest man alive because, and I quote, ‘this a guy who knows how to roll up his sleeves and get things done’.

Not going to lie I have no idea what that means but I’m guessing it’s a good thing, my sleeves always fall down and I don’t even have Tinder so there must be a correlation.

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