Here's How To Fix The Most Annoying Change In iOS 10

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10, is officially here.

And while many of the new features are cool, there’s one change that’s really annoying iPhone users – the press-home-to-unlock gesture.

If your device has one of Apple’s TouchID fingerprint scanners, you now have to rest your finger there, then press the home button to get to your home screen.
The reasoning for the change is fair – before the release of iOS 10, people complained TouchID was overly sensitive. So Apple changed it.

But for many people, the new prompt just makes getting into your iPhone feel slower. Thankfully, Apple gives you the option to go back to the old way.

Here’s how to find it:

First, go to your settings menu.
Then select the ‘General’ tab.
Then tap the ‘Accessibility’ option.
Scroll down to find the new ‘Home Button’ tab.
Then activate the ‘Rest Finger to Open’ toggle and you’re done.
And voila – you no longer have to deal with the perils of taking an extra second to open your lock screen.

The new tiny padlock icon will still appear on top of the lock screen when you open your phone, but otherwise, you can use your TouchID just as you would with iOS 9. No pressing necessary.

Problem solved.

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