Guy Gets Disgusting Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend With 'Evil' Prank

A viral video of a man getting scathing revenge on his cheating girlfriend has resurfaced.

The internet just can’t handle the terror of what lies inside the innocent heart-shaped box, the Sun reports.

The man found out she was cheating and then, for the sake of revenge, waited until Valentine’s Day to give her a massive box of…live cockroaches!!

I challenge you not to scream:
 [Source: Youtube]
The Brazilian boyfriend installed a hidden camera in the car before handing her the ribboned ‘gift’.

She unknowingly thanks him before unwrapping it and screaming, throwing the box of cockroaches all over the car.

He locked her in the insect-ridden car, but sort of shot himself in the foot there because he probably had to clean them all up!

The video went viral but some people have speculated that it could be fake…I wouldn’t be able to do that for a prank!


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