Girl Turns Down Arranged Marriage Because The Guy Didn't Like Her Dog

A woman turned down a bloke for an arranged marriage after he said her dog was a problem.

Fucking fair play. I don't care what anyone says, dogs are family and I'm sure if I had one I'd do the same thing. Can someone buy me a dog? Oh and also make my landlord accept them? Cheers.

Anyway, Karishma Walia is originally from a city in India called Bengaluru. However, she is currently working as an analyst in Gurgaon.

Her parents found a 'good match' because he was 'good-looking and well-off'.

But he doesn't like dogs. Plus, he was a bit of a dick about it when she called it off.
Speaking to Buzzfeed, Karishma said: "My mom thought he's an excellent match because he's good-looking and well-off.

"There was a lot of family pressure, and they still think I did the wrong thing by raising the concern about my dog."

Apparently, he still tried to smooth out the situation after the initial pairing off. Take the hint, mate.

She added: "He would say things like 'family should be a priority and not career. I gave up when he commented about my dog. I don't know why my family still thinks he's an eligible bachelor."

Stick to your guns. No dog, no marriage. That's just a rule for life.

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