Fury As CBeebies Presenter Appears To Drop C-Bomb On Children's TV Show

Did this scooter-toting, song-singing CBeebies presenter just drop the C bomb on TV?

25-year-old mum-of-one Lyndsey Mann sure thought so when she was watching programme Show Me Show Me while her daughter was out with her dad on Wednesday morning.

In the Snapchat, presenter Chris Jarvis can been seen riding on a scooter, singing a lyric which concludes: "You're a fluttering cunt."

Well it seems to. Of course, Jarvis is actually talking about the rainbow kite in the backdrop. But it totally sounds like he's breaking the fourth wall and calling you, the viewer, a cunt. It's very newfangled.

Maybe he actually is saying it, and the producers presumed no-one would pick up on it because kids, who *really* watch the show, don't understand the word, and their parents aren't paying enough attention to ever catch onto it anyway. Maybe the Teletubbies were calling each other bellends and Peppa Pig has at one point sought anger management.

It's an uncomfortable thought, but also a really hilarious one. Here's the video, guys:

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