Fisherman is fishing on a river, surprisingly reels in two stray kittens

A fisherman is hanging on his boat out on the river when he suddenly sees something in the distance. A small orange creature is making its way straight towards him. I bet you will never see anything like this, ever!
As it nears, it’s clear that it is not a fish. It turns out that it’s a beautiful baby kitten. The fisherman, Jason Frost, concludes that someone must have dumped the kitten in the water to get rid of her. He picks her up from the water and brings the kitten onto his boat.What kind of monster would just throw a cat into a flowing river like that?

Fortunately, Frost was in the right place at the right time. But just when you think that the story could not get any crazier, something else appears in the distance. Once again, you see a small orange creature making its way towards the boat.

“Are you kidding me?” Frost says with utter disbelief. “Well there’s a first time for everything!”
Another kitten has made its way towards Frost’s boat. Again, Frost picks the kitten up and brings it onto his boat. I am so happy that Frost was able to save both these baby kittens. It’s a shame that some people lack the heart and soul that most of us have. I am still shocked that people can treat animals so cruelly.
To make things better, Frost gave the two kittens to two girls who were planning on getting a cat soon. These cats now have a wonderful forever home to go to!
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