Ex-Cop Absolutely Destroys 'Gangsters' From Small Town On Facebook

 We’ve all seen kids like this hanging around in communities up and down the country.

Wannabe gangsters who’ve watched Kidulthood like once, thinking they’re proper ‘ard as they try to intimidate anyone who dares walk in their path.

But a few idiots from Porthcawl in Wales who thought they were all that got taught a lesson they’ll probably never forget, after a retired police officer completely embarrassed them with an incredible Facebook rant.
 Ex-Gwent and Metropolitan Police officer Debbie Mottley, 46, took to the Porthcawl First group to vent about some kids stirring up trouble in the town on Friday night, Wales Online reports.

Addressed to ‘the boys who were kicking cars and knocking doors’, a gang she claimed that go by the name SPT for South Porthcawl Town, she gave them a serious dressing down.

Debbie, who was originally from London and worked with the Met for a decade, made three big points in her post.

First, she ultimately told them that she knew who they were.
 Then she said: 
It is not cool to add SPT to your name, it makes you sound like an idiot. I policed South London in the ’90s and dealt with some of the toughest gangs this country has to offer. You, on the other hand, are in Porthcawl , not the ‘hood’ …I know your parents and they are nice people.
But she saved the best till last, with an absolutely incredible burn.

Debbie added:
If you knew anything about gang culture you would realise that you should respect your own ‘hood’ and pick your fights with your neighbouring gangs which in this case would be North Cornelly who, I suspect would whoop your pathetic asses back to your four bedroom detached houses where the nearest you’ve ever been to getting ‘tooled up’ is when you used to play with your Bob the Builder workman bench.
 And understandably her fellow residents absolutely loved it. One member posted: “BOOM, nailed it.” While another added: “That was brilliantly worded. I don’t know about a gang, they need to get out of nappies first.”

Ouch. Other members questioned the geographical accuracy of the gang’s name South Porthcawl Town, with one saying: “Wouldn’t South Porthcawl Town put them somewhere in the sea?”
That’s pretty ironic, considering they seriously need to get in the fucking sea. But hey, hopefully this will put them off causing trouble once and for all.

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