Doctors say baby will be paralyzed from waist down, Dad uses $100 to build her a custom wheelchair

 When Evelyn Moore was just a year old, she was diagnosed with a tumor that would cause the bottom half of her body to be entirely paralyzed.

 Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Evelyn’s father feared he would be unable to give his daughter the special wheelchair she needed due to the incredibly high cost.
Evelyn’s paralysis was due to a form of neuroblastoma doctors noticed when she was just four months old, and had to undergo a whopping eight rounds of chemotherapy before she was even a year old.
 When she reached the one year point, Doctors finally broke the news to her parents and told them she would never be able to walk.
After learning that his daughter would never walk, Evelyn’s father got to work and built her the perfect wheelchair.
 Using only a cutting board, castor wheels, and a bumbo chair, Evelyn’s father was able to craft the perfect wheelchair for his young daughter.
“She is pretty fearless. She’ll go in her wheelchair on the top of a hill, let go and put her hands in the air, then catch herself when she gets to the bottom,” Kimberly, Evelyn’s mother, told ABC reporters.
 Kimberly Moore also told ABC News that she has been in remission for 3 months, and we hope that Evelyn is able to keep fighting.
“She’s been through a lot and she’s just trying to get back to what normal looks like,” Kimberly added.
Lucky for Evelyn, with the love and support of her mother and father, she may be able to get back to a normal life sometime soon!

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