Dad tries to get twins ready for bed - twins wiggle and move, making his job hysterically difficult

While we all love babies because they are adorable, sometimes they can be a real pain. One of the most difficult tasks for a parent to do is to dress a baby for bed. Often times, the babies will not listen, and they make the process so much more complicated with their antics.
In the video below, one Dad faces this very problem. He tries to get his twin babies dressed for bed as Mom records the moment on her camera.
Dad struggles with the task. His twin babies start to wiggle their bodies and move around, making it much more difficult for Dad to do his job. It’s almost impossible for them to stay put!
While this might be frustrating for Dad, the result is a hilarious watch for the rest of us. Mom can’t help but contain her laughter as her twin babies roll around and squirm away from Dad’s reach.
[Source: Youtube]

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