Dad leaves the house to go to work, baby follows and yells "I love you Daddy" repeatedly

As parents, regardless of what our kids do, we will always love them. From the moment they are born, we develop an unconditional love and promise ourselves that no matter our circumstances, we will always care for our children and ensure that they have a better life than we had.
This kind of bond can only be found between a parent and their child. No missed curfew or temper tantrum will ever break this. A parent’s love lasts for an eternity.
This couldn’t be more evident in the video below. In it, a baby toddler tells his Dad he loves him. His dad is on his way to work and is about to head into his car. All the while, this toddler follows him outside, and for three minutes straight, he yells, “I love you Daddy.”
The best part? Dad responds every single time, even when he’s driving down the road. How beautiful is that?

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