Dad catches mischievous boys playing with paint, tries to scold them but bursts out laughing

Dad came home one day and was shocked by what he saw. His two boys were up to no good, and they got paint all over the house, including all over themselves. Knowing that his sons needed to learn a lesson from this ordeal, Dad began to give them a stern telling-off… but then the most surprising thing happens.

Dad starts off by asking his little boys a few questions; he wants to get to the bottom of this and figure out why his kids did this. First, he asks them if they thought it was a good idea. The two sons look absolutely clueless, and they respond by shrugging their shoulders. Dad focuses in on the big brother. It’s his job to keep his little brother in line and be a good role model, but Dad let’s him know that he needs to do a better job.

While he starts off strong, around the 1:48 mark, Dad starts to fall apart. He begins to chuckle and laugh, but how could you blame him? His kids are so cute!
“What is funny?” the big brother asks his dad, confused by the laugh.

“I don’t think this is funny at all,” responds Dad, who tries his best to stop laughing. “It’s not funny. You guys are in big trouble.”
But it’s too late. Because Dad laughed, his boys start laughing too. It’s okay, we don’t blame Dad though. He tried his best, but his boys are simply too adorable.

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