Crowd's angry when autistic child interrupts live Broadway show, actor has special message for them

Back in September, Broadway star Kelvin Moon Loh was performing as a member of the “The King and I” cast when an autistic child and her mother interrupted the show. The child screamed, and members of the audience began to publicly chastise the mother for bringing “a child like that to the theater.”
Angered by the audience’s reaction, Loh took to Facebook to publicly state his opinion about what had transpired. In a Facebook post on September 23, 2015, Loh reminds the public that the theater is for everyone. He states that the purpose of the theater is “to bring people together, not just for entertainment, but to enhance our lives when we walk out the door again.” Rather than criticize the mother for bringing her autistic child to the play, he thanks her for her courage and perseverance. He admires her bravery and her willingness to expose both her and her child to the opinions of the public.
Loh points out that the mother tried her best to stop her autistic child from making a scene in the auditorium. She wanted to leave and exit the theater in a peaceful fashion; however, the child did not cooperate. Loh then goes on to state that a similar disruption happened a week earlier, and the audience had no problem because the child was not autistic.
Since making the post, Loh’s message has received over 100,000 likes and 30,000 shares. It’s gone viral on Facebook, and for good reason. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the theater, regardless of their condition or disabilities.

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