Concert goer hears "Uptown Funk" playing, infectiously dances like nobody's watching

Have you ever heard music that was just so good that you couldn’t help but dance? I know I sure have, and we’ve featured people doing this before on Shareably like this grandma who dances while she’s cooking.

But I have never seen anything like what Fred Rawicz does in video below. He was attending T in the Park, a major Scottish music festival, when suddenly Bruno Mars’s catchy song “Uptown Funk” began to play on the loudspeakers. That’s when Fred couldn’t help himself and broke out in a dance that will leave you smiling uncontrollably. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and seconds into the video, I can’t help but dance along with him!
Make sure you watch and see the move he does 17 seconds into the video – it’s awesome!
[Source: Youtube]

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