Caroline Flack Was Forced To Deny Taking Cocaine After Sharing This Photo

Caroline Flack was forced to deny that she uses drugs after fans mistook a pen for a rolled-up note. Yes, it really has come to this that people are making this mistake.

Let's take a step back here. If she really had been snorting charlie all night, a) would she waste her night on poker b) would she have left the Instagram post up and c) would she have not have checked the background of the photo for any drug-giveaways?

She posted the following picture on Instagram while she was enjoying a poker night and fans were quick to comment.
As you can see, there's a small tub of Vaseline, a credit card and... a pen.

The blue plastic bit in the middle should probably have been a big giveaway.

Anyway, The Sun reported that one fan said: "Rolled up note there, Caroline.... and a card." - although the comments have since been deleted.

She replied with: "it's a children pen lol X (sic)".

Judging by this video, which seems to have been taken on the same night, she had a good night anyway.

What do you reckon? Childrens' pen or not?

Featured image credit: Instagram/carolineflack

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