Cable Guy Saves Infant Baby Found Bloody In His Bouncy Chair

Emergencies are always made a little bit worse when there’s a baby involved.

They aren’t able to explain what’s going on and their small bodies make it difficult to assess the situation.

Even CPR has to be done with extreme care as to not hurt the small organs and bones in the baby’s body.

It takes a lot of training to be able to properly help in these scary times and most parents simply don’t have the skills to help.

It’s time for the professionals to step in and do what they can to save the baby’s life.

But, sometimes, there isn’t enough time for paramedics to get there. Help is needed right now or the outcome could be disastrous.

When Daniel Craft went out for his day as a cable technician, he never thought he’d save a life.

But, when he heard Angela Sanders’ screams from his work van, Craft stepped in and did the incredible.

Sanders’ 5-month-old son Dakota was unresponsive and bleeding in his bouncy chair when Craft entered the home.

Having a military background and correctional officer training, Craft was able to assess the situation and take the proper action to help Dakota start breathing again.

Doctors later told Sanders that Dakota suffered from a seizure and Craft’s actions saved his life. It was fate that he just happened to be there at the exact right moment!

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